When it comes to identity personalization projects for countries with high reliability and cost effective platform is key.

Innovatime Industrie has developed the INNO6000 , a modular and scalable issuance system, with this idea in mind.

INNO6000 is the next generation laser personalization solution for the personalization of ID1 document such National eID cards, driving licences, provisional ID documents…

The laser printing technology ensure a high level of security by blackening a large portion of the document thickness, rather than localizing color pigments in a single layer like any printing alternative.

The INNO6000 is fully compatible with existing laser feature such as grayscale imaging, tactile engraving, micro text, barcode.

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Technical Characteristics  
Available modules System Controller
Card Input
OCR-B/Barcode Scanner
Vision Verification
Pre test
Magnetic Stripe Encoding
Chip encoding for contact, contactless or dual interface Smart Card
Laser Engraving, including CLI, MLI, CLI & MLI
Card Flippers
Multi-Card sorting
Card Output
Dimensions & weight Varies according to machine configuration
Power supply Mono 230 VAC – PE (TN-S), 50/60 Hz, fused 16A, and 30 Amps for lasers
Compressed Air Supply Pressure: 6 bar

Air quality: According to DIN/ISO 8573-1

Particles: class 1 (< 0.1 µm / < 0.1mg/m3)

Oil: class 2 (< 0.1mg/m3)

Water: class 4 (dew point < 3°C)

Air consumption:  Varies according to machine configuration

Altitude Max. 2,000 m above sea level
Vacuum If connected to an external network : minimum 5.7 m3/h
Environmental Conditions Working temperature: 15 – 30°C

Relative humidity: 40 – 60% at 25°C not condensing

Relative humidity 40-60% at 25 °C, non-condensing
Throughput Mechanical speed of up to 6500 cards per hour

Effective speed varies according to configuration and personalization data (graphical or electrical)

Card material supported Most card materials can be processed, including PVC, composite, polycarbonate, ABS, PET and PETG
Card type support ID1 / CR 80 format (54 x 85.6 mm x 0.76mm / 2.13 x 3.37 inches x 30 mil)

according to ISO/IEC 7810 and ISO/IEC 7816

Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bits – UK
Laser Characteristics
Pulse power
Laser Class
Laser controlling software
Perso Characteristics
MLI (Multiple Laser Images) on passport
MLI or/and CLI (Changeable Laser Images) for card
Laser personalization Photos, alphanumeric text, vector text, bar codes (1D and 2D), signature, fingerprint, logos,graphic images, ghost images, microtext (< 250 µm on PC substrate).
Electrical perso Up to 21 heads with Smartware readers.
Supported protocols: ISO 7816-3, SWP, ISO 14443, MIFARE Plus™, FeliCa™
Personalization of contact/contactless chip card module
Open/Short & Continuity test for smartcard and SD card
PCB head design for quick change over
Magstripe perso 1 to 3 stripes encoding
HiCo, LoCo, 7811, JIS
Easy head changing



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